Peter Drucker Forum in Vienna

This year the forum hold a topic Managing Complexity. Zofia Barańska visited Vienna and so she shares some inspirations. „The leader of the past was a person who knew how to tell. The leader of the future will be a person who knows how to ask.” — Peter Drucker. We fully agree with this approach, often teaching our clients to ask proper questions!

And it causes some challanges, as for many years we were taught to answer in the best way, acording to the books, theories, what the teachers wanted to hear. But questions provoke a different type of creativity, engagement and connection with the other person. Often that leads to great conclusions. More about the forum – visit:

Anti-conference for Responsible Business Forum

We are happy to be invited to facilitate the annual CSR conference in Poland, as we believe that the Open Space Technology with inspiration from prof. Grzegorz W. Kołodko and sister Małgorzata Chmielewska will let the participants experience a completely different type of a conference!

This is a special event in the CSR callendar in Poland, as Responsible Business Forum has been gathering leaders of this topis for the last 10 years. The puropuse here is to discuss the latest trends,challanges and good practices of the business that includes social and enviornmental issues, not only the profit. For more visit:

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