How do we work?


Analysis: strategy, mission, vision for the organization, stage of its development, strategy CSR, challenges, list of needs and expected results.
Group selection: Assessment of human potential including competencies, base point, development goals analysis
Design the solution: Solution plan using the most appropriate methods;


  • Kick-off – Outdoor camp – introduction, getting to know each other
  • Module 1 – self-management – health & energy
  • Module 2 – provocative communication
  • Module 3 – building and leading winning teams
  • Module 4 – situational leadership
  • Module 5 – Tamada Public Speaking AcademyTM
  • Finish off – outdoor camp – summary, reflections, development goals for the future

Follow up
Experience transfer: ongoing support in maintaining and developing new competencies, attitudes; coaching, mentoring, peer networks, supervision
Result analysis: in terms of individual and business successes
Future potential: perspectives for future development