• We are a group of international experts dedicated to special tasks
  • We work with courageous leaders
  • We support clients in a way – to strengthen their awareness of the connection between sustainable growth of their companies, their internal practices and organizational culture.
in Progressive Partners we believe in
The whole system Sustainable development Innovation

Nothing exists in a vacuum, detached from everything else. Aware of the intertwined dependencies we work with the whole system. If we introduce a change we invite representatives of all levels in the organization. If we work with a talent, we also work with his superior. If we work with a leader we also work on his energy, body and life philosophy.

Competences & Challenges

Progressive Partners creates solutions
around three main areas
in which we run programs:


  • Progressive Leadership Development Program TM
  • Progressive Talent Development Program TM
  • Progressive Winning Teams ProgramTM
  • Executive Coaching and MentoringTM
  • Exclusive Programs for Top Management TM

We conduct development programs, facilitation processes (including Open Space, conferences, strategic workshops, kick offs), attitude training, competency workshops, coaching, mentoring, integration camps, indoor and outdoor activities.

We include CSR component, ecology and social responsibility whenever the client allows it.

In our programs we take advantage of and combine different languages and cultural approaches

Organization in
change Program TM

Executive Coaching
& Mentoring TM

Progressive Winning
Teams ProgramTM

How do we work?

Progressive Leadership DevelopmentTM
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About Progressive Partners
  • One of the most innovative organizations in the development field
  • Over 230 years of experience cooperating experts in various fields, countries and cultures
  • Belief in the CHI – the whole system, sustainable development and innovation as a philosophy from which clients derive
  • Prestigious Partners who trust us

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