Sylwia Lewandowska-Akhvlediani

Managing Partner, Business Psychologist, Trainer, Coach and Facilitator

For more than 15 years I have been inspiring and supporting the changes in organizations, teams and people. My mission is to elevate the value of people and organizations, so the idea of ​​accountability was not a nice-sounding slogan, but a daily and natural practice for leaders and teams. This will definitely built up the value of the organization.

Strong influence on my approach today had the idea of ​​CSR I met working in the Responsible Business Forum, where mindfulness of relationships refer to any context – also private one. I’m fascinated by the psychology of sport and victory, everyday forming a crew with such an attitude.
I love the diversity of cultures, and the fact that I work in Poland as well as in other countries gives me the opportunity to experience both the differences and similarities in their approach to leadership, team building, working with talents and leaders, or simply going outside the rules and regulations!

I care also about my personal energy, constantly developing in the international business environment, trainers, coaches, dancers. I proudly accepted the invitation to join the Council of Experts of THINKTANK, and with undisguised joy marriage proposal from my Georgian husband.

I do not know whether this is good or bad, but this is what clients say about me:

She will not let it go! Carefully listening and paraphrasing.  She inspires, provokes, asks tough questions, energizes. Although she builds a friendly relationship, she ensures a healthy distance and professionalism. She creates relaxed atmosphere, intertwined with jokes, that allows openness and the lack of resistance in navigating difficult topics both professional and personal. It creates an aura of peace and comfort. Feel that her being with a client comes from the heart and passion.


Karolina Iwa

Managing Partner, Senior Facilitator, Large Groups Expert, Mountaineer

My passion is to work with large groups and support the process of dialogue. I am happy to accompany organizations in complex moments of change, where no one has the answers to important questions, and the time is pressing. I feel strong  supporting teams that got lost its their creative “flow” or want to enter the higher level and have a curiosity and willingness to work.

I develop myself in relationship with people and in the mountains. I spend a lot of time in observation and reflection, interdisciplinary learning. By reaching 4000m tops of mountains, I learnt leadership and ability to solve problems as a team. Reading fantasy books, I remember the value of perseverance. Looking in the sky, I invent creativity exercises. Working with groups, I am confirmed in the validity of silence and breath.

People say about me that I am cordial and joyful, visionary and creative. They say that I feel group well and that can spontaneously react to what the group needs and have the courage to work outside the script.

Zaza Akhvlediani

Networker, Manager, Trainer

I am passionate about researching and connecting business possibilities. With my experience of East and Central Europe, as well as East and Caucasus – where I was born – in international environment I feel just like a fish in water. I strongly believe that people are the strongest asset of a company and this is why I mainly focus on building strong relationships with people.

I am a naturally born networker. I understand business as an investment of time and capital. When those two values meet, they build an even bigger one, one that can bring more benefit for both parties and generate synergies for the future. I am one who can mobilize both the accessible and – seemingly – inaccessible resources, to initiate and improve businesses. As life is not all about business, I also take part in charity and non-profit activities.

“Love and appreciate!” is the motto of my life. It is important to remember where you come from, but even more important it is to understand where you are going to.

Zaza can make friends everywhere he shows up, and whoever you can imagine with. He is really loved by people for his brightness, intelligent sense of humor, communication-skills and cheerful personality.  He is very professional in his relationship building, with strong understanding of cross-cultural differences.